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Sunday, October 5, 2014

ASP.Net Forums–FAQ #6: ASP.Net Session Expired Problem

By Francis   Posted at   12:29 AM   IIS Tips and Tricks 1 comment
Most of the application using session, especially data driven applications. Mostly these kind of application using “Inproc” mode of session. During development the developer does not face any kind of problem with the session. When deploy the application the problem arise one by one. In this post I just want to share some thoughts and my professional experience on this issue.

Monday, September 15, 2014

ASP.Net Forums - FAQ #5: How to change the Title Case of a string to Uppercase in Server Side?

By Francis   Posted at   12:04 PM   ASP.Net Forums No comments
One of the user in the forum asked similar to this question. In server side, I thought take the string, and covert it to character array and loop thru the character and change the first Letter alone to capital letter.
                     Instead,we can use “TextInfo” class to achieve the solution in a easier manner. The below function used to convert the given string’s first character alone as a Capital letter.

        using System.Globalization;
        using System.Threading;
        public string changeName(string inputname)
            string modifiedname = string.Empty;
            string[] names = inputname.Split(' ');
            foreach (string name in names)
                    CultureInfo cultureInfo   = Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture;
                    TextInfo txtinfo = cultureInfo.TextInfo;
                    string temp=txtinfo.ToTitleCase(name);
                    modifiedname = string.Concat(temp, " ");
            return modifiedname;

Sunday, May 11, 2014

ASP.Net Forums - FAQ #4 : Running ASP.Net website from Home

By Francis   Posted at   3:20 PM   ASP.Net Forums 1 comment
                                           Here is the next question for a newbie who are wish to run a ASP.Net website from home or going with a hosting company. However, as per my experience I suggest to instead of running website from home, you may prefer a good hosting company. Running a website from home is not a bad idea. But the stuff behind it some what hard. So in this article i am going to highlight what are the stuffs you need to run a website.

Friday, April 18, 2014

ASP.Net Forums - FAQ #2 : ASP.Net Project Ideas

By Francis   Posted at   8:17 AM   ASP.Net Forums No comments
                                              ASP.Net Forums have tons of Questions. I have preferred some most frequently questions and give a detailed explanation here. This one also I encountered a lot in the ASP.Net Forums. Most of the college students and beginners are asked about the below questions:
How to start an ASP.Net Web Projects?
Where to get some basic ideas about web based projects?
                    In this post I just want to guide those people from my practical experiences.

Prerequisite – Software:
                Before start your project you need the below softwares:
  1. Visual Studio
  2. .Net Framework
  3. SQL Server   
                        For students and beginners express version of visual studio is enough. While this writing Microsoft released Visual Studio 2013. You can download the Visual Studio 2013 express for web development here. With that installation, .Net framework 4.5 also installed. So there is no separate download is not necessary.
                         Each and every website that are developed are data centric or data driven. That are data are stored and retrieved from a database like SQL Server. So you must need that one also.
                         For SQL Server also Microsoft provide express version. You can get it SQL Server 2008 Express with SP2 here and SQL Server 2012 here.
                        For the above software installation you must need Windows 7 with SP1 or Windows 8.
Prerequisite – Skills:
              The below are the must have skill sets that are required for every beginner in ASP.Net.
  1. .Net Architecture (CLR and BaseClass Library)
  2. C# or VB.Net Language
  3. ADO.Net
  4. ASP.Net (Web Form, Worker Process, AppDomain, Session, Cache, Authentication etc)

               It is better how the .Net frameworks works which helps to the developer to grasp the rest of the things easily. If you want to go with ASP.Net you should learn any one of the .Net compatible language such that C# or VB.Net. ADO.Net always deals with Database related objects like Datasets, Datatables etc. In beginner level choosing Web Form will give a easy to move way in ASP.Net. The above lists are specific to .Net.

Some Good Books for ASP.Net:
         Below are my personal suggestion to sharpen your skills in ASP.Net as well as .Net Languages such as C# and VB.Net in some extend.

  1. Programming ASP.Net By Dino Espotio (From Microsoft Press)
  2. Professional ASP.Net 2.0/3.5/4.5 (from wrox publications)
  3. C# 4.0 – The Complete Reference By Herbert Schildt

Online Tutorials & Trainings for ASP.Net:
               For ASP.Net technology, there are so many good online tutorial sites available. Some of them for your reference:

What do you think?
                  The above are my professional experience, that I have earned over lot of time. Do you want to say something, please let me know thru comments.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

ASP.Net Forums – FAQ #1 : How to enable Adsense in my site?

By Francis   Posted at   8:14 PM   Enable Adsense 1 comment

This is the most frequently asked question in ASP.Net Forums. As a Adsense user (struggled with google over 6 months I got my adsense approval), I’m going to explain how to enable adsense in your website regardless of technology (either you used ASP.Net or PHP or Java etc) which you are using to built your site.

I just want to tell one thing first there is no short cut to get your adsense approval from google. Go with the below guidelines:

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