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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Daily Interview Question #11 : What are the different Session Modes available in ASP.Net?

By Francis   Posted at   5:07 PM   ASP.Net Interview Questions No comments
                              In ASP.Net, “Session Mode” denotes where the ASP.Net application is going to store the user session information.  This can be specified in the Web.Config file by the “SessionState” config element under the “System.Web” config Element.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Daily interview Question #10 : what is the purpose of "explicit" implementation of interface?

By Francis   Posted at   7:32 AM   CodeProject No comments

There are 2 purposes of explicit implementation of Interface:
First, it is used to avoid name collision between interface methods. That is if you are going to create a class library, there may be a chance to use the same name in several places. At that time "explicit" implementation comes as a rescue.
Secondly, You cannot access that implemented method through the object of the class directly. Instead you typecast it as Interface reference then you can access it. This is because, the C# complier, unable to determine which one the user want to call.

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