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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Visual Studio Tips & Tricks

By Francis   Posted at   11:31 AM   Visual Studio Tips and Tricks No comments
Visual Studio Tips & Tricks - 1:

One of the best feature of Visual Studio is it’s Documentation facility, which is used to comment the functions, procedures automatically. In VS, you can achieve that by putting three single quotes sequentially (See the image below). There is no doubt it’s a one of the good feature of VS.
Auto Comment Facility Provided by Visual Studio

         Few days ago, in my VS Solution which use more than one projects these feature doesn’t work. It’s because the documentation feature not enabled. To enable this feature to do the following:

RightClick Project ->Select “Properties”  ->Select “Compile” tab ->Check the “Generate XML documentation file"

Enable/Disable Documentation Feature for a Project

That’s all the problem solved. Hope this helps!

Happy Coding!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Move Selected list box items into the New list box using Javascript

By Francis   Posted at   9:43 AM   Listbox No comments

In this post, I’m going to explain how to add the selected list box items into the new list box, both are controls. Include a new web form,  and add the below code in your web form. Hit F5 and you can see the output.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Good Resolution

By Francis   Posted at   7:59 AM   No comments

                     Last few months, I have not posted anything in this blog. Its due to some personal issues and by God’s grace it has been reduced now.  . Thank God. So here is my forth coming year’s resolution: 

1. Contributing effectively in ASP.Net Forums (At least Move to next Level) 
2. Take at least 5 InSync Session (InSync is a IT technical session conducted in my current organization Already 2 Completed, one is about MVC Basics and another one is regarding MS Tech Communities) 
3. Focusing in my tech blog and write at least 10 (USEFUL) Post per month!!!  

As I said, last few months not favor for me. I’m from India, here the Internet connectivity cost somewhat higher than other country. So finally, I got the good connection (2G/3G) thru my smart phone with little higher cost. So It will increase my confidence level. So ALL IS WELL!!!
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