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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So what is meant by Dynamic Web page?

By Francis   Posted at   9:34 AM   Webpage No comments

There are 2 types of web pages.

1) Static web page

2) Dynamic web page

Static web pages are as its name implies it contains static data. For example, a simple html page is called as “Static” page. It contents are always static or predefined statically.

But whereas dynamic pages are served by Web server or its created by the Web server and served to the user, who is initiated the request.

Static web pages are created by HTML, a language which is traditionally used to create static pages.

In other hand, Dynamic web pages are created by Server side languages like Java, JSP, ASP, ASP.Net. PHP Phython, Perl etc.

Whenever the Dynamic web page, is requested it was compiled/executed in server itself and finally output HTML.

Remember, HTML is the only language that can be understand by the browser. That’s the reason all the webservers are emits the output in HTML format.

So what is ASP.Net?

By Francis   Posted at   9:33 AM   .Net. ASP.Net No comments

ASP.Net is a Microsoft’s Technology to develop Dynamic web pages.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What is .NET?

By Francis   Posted at   6:23 AM   .Net. ASP.Net No comments
Dot.Net is a Microsoft Platform for developing Web-based as well as rich windows based thin client/server based applications.
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